Small businesses need to MARKET their brand too.

We provide affordable web solutions with powerful and understandable Analytics to the small business owners.

We'd love to help you too!

What Services we provide


We build websites that are fast, professional and that clearly state what you are doing as a business.
We also want your business to reach out to as many customers as possible and in the most convenient way available to them. This is why we build responsiveness into every site that we deliver, so they look as good on desktops than on mobile devices.


A strong brand is key in a successful business.
It's important to keep your brand's image clean, disctinctive and fresh and it's vital to always be marketing! In good times, like in bad ones.
We can help in building a marketing strategy for your brand to meet your business objectives. We're not talking about printing thousand of flyers to send out... straight to the garbage! We're talking about strategies that actually work! We're here to manage that!

Monitoring & Support

Because everything is meant to evolve and change, we offer the monitoring and maintenance of your website, for a low monthly payment, to make sure everything runs smoothly.
Should you need help on a specific issue, we can help by providing technical support or do the job for you.


Sometimes we need an outside look at our issues to find solutions.
We understand the situation, we propose solutions and we plan the changes so we make the best out of the available ressources.
We are here for either small issues or major restructurations.


Lost in the huge amount of statistics collected from your website? Still wondering if people are actually looking at your website offers and if those offers are converting to actual sales?
All our websites come configured with Google Analytics. We take it a step further by building customized reports tailored to your business objectives and that you can really understand.
Understanding the data that is being collected from your website is crucial in the decision making process. We know it and that's why we provide custom reports for real-time decision making.

Why Choose SEBACO?

Online Marketing and Communication

Because the way we conduct business has greatly evolved.

The pace at witch things are moving is fast, incredibly fast. And if you stop moving forward, you are moving backwards, you are left behind. You don't want that in your business because it means your business is slowly dying.

So in that frame of reference, the purpose of a website as moved forward. From a simple reference to our products or services, it has evolved to an exchange with our customers, to a platform where we can position our brand but also listen to our customers.

You don't have to be that tech savvy or invest a fortune in order to have an updated website. Especially today. That's where we come handy for you.

We chose to specialize in Wordpress websites for small businesses, because we believe that Wordpress is the easiest way for a busy business person to quickly update the content of their website.

Easy. Simple. Fast.

Plus, the cost of maintaining and refreshing the look of a website gets dramatically cut down. And that's where you get excited :)

That's the power of Wordpress right here.

We, at SEBACO, strongly believe in bringing you value so you can succeed in your business.

That's why we focus on bringing you easy to use tools, clear to understand consulting, and realtime data from your web presence so you can make the right decisions, right NOW!

We are passionate about what we do and we would love to share this passion with you.

It's that simple!